Extra Large Photo Printing: Choosing A Suitable Printer

If you are looking for a large photo printer, you have a lot to think about. What may appear as a straightforward purchase may turn out to be more complicated than you could imagine. But it does not have to be an overwhelming venture if you know what to look out for. You will find several options on the market, and a proper understanding of the specific things to look out for will land you the perfect machine or you may look at your situation and decide to hire a printing service for your extra large photo printing applications. Read below and find out.

The first thing that you will look out for is whether the printer can print in color or black and white. It is a pretty obvious choice, but there is more than just that. The choice between black and white or color affects how your users will utilize the printer. Your output is a vital factor to consider since the color printers best serve posters, photos, and technical documents. However, if high productivity is a concern, you may look at the black and white as a better option since it performs faster. However, you can print black and white photos on a color printer at virtually the same cost for low print volumes, and this might prompt you to pick the color printer if you desire to have a multipurpose printer.

The cost of a printer does not only refer to the initial price but the running expenses as well. One might be tempted to analyze the cost based on the initial purchase price, but note that a cheap printer with expensive toner cartridges is more costly to run and maintain. It is also essential to assess the durability of the machine and costs of repairs as you do not want to pay so much for repairs in the long run.

Image Quality

Most people buy large format printers for their extra large photo printing applications which entails producing large photos, posters, and other documents. When dealing with large printing applications, quality is an important consideration to look at. Check on the DPI of a printer and determine the pixel quality. Image quality is vital for large format printing since it is undesirable to print low quality and blurred images that do not have any aesthetic value.

Floor Space

It is evident that a large format printer will take up some space and you would not want to buy one that won’t fit in the area you have available. These printers come in different formats, and some are just like an elongated desk printer. Others may require a considerable portion of your room, and you should always find one that fits well and leaves some space for people to engage in other activities.

Ease Of Use

When you think of large format printers, it is common to associate them with the fancy touch screens and much more. However, different brands come with well-defined interfaces, and you should find one that has a straightforward interface that gives you or your employees no problems when using it. A complicated printer will reduce your productivity since people will waste a lot of time trying to execute simple printing tasks.

The topics covered here are critical considerations when looking for a large photo printer. Buying such a machine is a massive investment that should be thought out in detail to avoid buyer’s remorse. Take your time, analyze your options carefully and select the best one for your situation.

Another possibility is to avoid the hassle, expense and space requirements of ownership altogether and simply hire a large photo printing service. These companies specialize in extra large photo prints and can even make subtle enhancements to your images if necessary for high quality printing. Many of these companies will also work with professional artists and photographers to offer professional discounts. They can take your order online with the submission of your digital image and then return your large print on canvas, paper or whatever medium you desire. Framing is an option as well. And unless you plan to print in volume, the online printing companies may offer a better solution with affordability, museum-quality prints and fast service right to your door.