Things To Do In Camden, Maine

If youre planning to visit the favorite summer village of the Bush family in Kennebunk, it may be worth driving around two hours more heading north towards the bucolic town of Camden, Maine, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Camden is hardly on the radar of any avid traveler, but for those in the know, it is a town like no other full of the distinctive New England charm without being spoiled by an endless flow of tourists. In fact, you can have Camden all to yourself and immerse in its unique take of indulgence and recreation. Or, you can share it with someone special in your life. However you choose to enjoy Camden, make sure to include these activities.

Hike up the stunning Mt. Battie
Most folks who have gone the trail up Mt. Battie can readily tell you that the view is simply breathtaking, but the hike is even better. It would be more like taking a stroll down memory lane where every turn opens into a fascinating view that you would want to instantly capture in your mind. Greeting you at the base is a 26-foot World War I memorial where many kids simply love playing around. With more spectacular scenes of Penobscot Bay ahead of you or the ever-inviting slopes of Mount Megunticook just peering on the side of Mt. Battie, no visitor of Camden should leave without trekking through the elevations numerous hiking trails.

Frolic in the ocean-temp waters of Laite Memorial Beach

Its a hidden gem that only the folks and loyal visitors of Camden know. Its low-key and small. Yet, Laite Memorial Beach offers a very relaxing atmosphere that will make you want to forget the rest of the world. It bridges the scenic Camden Harbor and the tree-lined oceanfront and complete with picnic tables, though few in numbers. A large grassy embankment gently angles toward the waterline, broken by a stunning pebble beach that gets lapped by the pristine waters of the beach. Its the perfect spot for a more relaxed weekend getaway for the family. Or the idyllic venue for a marriage proposal among romantic couples. Click here for other ideas for romantic travel destinations.

Feast on local delicacies

It would be a shame to leave Camden without sampling the local delicacies served at the towns quaint restaurants like the Hatchet Mountain Publick house, the Long Grain, and Primo, a James Beard-winning eatery. Sample Primos pork shoulder ragu ravioli and fennel-scented panna cotta or even Hatchet Mountains duck breast poppers. Or, you could try Long Grains pad seaw, pan-fried garlic chive rice cakes, and ramen with kimchi soup.

Take home a lobster pound

Rounding up your Maine visit will be a trip to Millers Lobster Co. where you can easily pick your very own steamed beaut of a crustacean, devouring it with abandon at a picnic table with the sounds and sights of Camden Harbor underneath your feet. Or, you could simply bring home a pound or two of these great lobsters to feast at home.

Camden may not have the presidential stature of Kennebunk, but its charm is magnetic, nonetheless. Theres more to do in this sleepy yet picturesque town overlooking the Atlantic.