Top 5 Uk Beaches For A Family Holiday

The UK is home to some of the finest beaches anywhere in the world. Its an island of great natural beauty and superb cultural heritage especially when it comes to its maritime legacy. It once ruled the waves. Now families can get to revisit the island nations rich and storied past while frolicking in its miles upon miles of beaches and soaking up the sensational coastal scenery.

The whole of the UK coast is dotted with harbours, beach towns and coastal hamlets, many with fine hotels and self catering accommodation where families can stay for a holiday. Many visitors will want to find the perfect holiday cottages by the sea in their chosen location. Here is a list of some of the best places in the UK for a family beach holiday.

Woolacombe Bay in Devon

Awarded the prestigious Premier Beach Seaside Award, this beach in Devon has been given the Blue Flag status making guaranteeing holiday vacationers safe swimming and bathing especially for young children. A favourite among families in the UK as well as those from continental Europe, Woolacombe provides the ideal beachside picnic setting for entire families.

Watergate Bay in Cornwall

Located at the southwestern tip of the UK is historic Cornwall with three of its borders washed by the waters of the Atlantic and the English Channel. Located just outside one of Cornwalls most famous cities, Newquay, is Watergate Bay where families can enjoy beach activities all year round. Theres beach polo, kite buggying, surfing, and thundercat racing. Of course, you can always enjoy a perfect vacation just lying in the golden sands of Watergate.

Sannabay and Ardtoe in Scotland

Scotland is not only famous for its Highlands. It is also home to one of the UKs best family-friendly beaches, albeit its one of the more challenging beaches to get to. Sannabay and Ardtoe provides privacy and seclusion so families can truly enjoy a more relaxing time at the beach without getting frazzled. If you want congested beaches where you can see a lot of beachgoers, then this is not for you. But if it is undisturbed, high quality time with your family that you aspire for, then Sannabay and Ardtoe is just perfect.

Sandbanks in Dorset

Regarded as one of the UKs safest beaches, Sandbanks also enjoys the privilege of having held onto its Blue Flag status for more than 2 decades. It features gently sloping golden sand out into the surf so even young children can venture out into the waters without the risk of getting pulled out into the open sea by water currents. Children just love to paddle in the waters of Sandbanks. Lifeguards provide the eyes on the beach from the months of May until September.

St. Ives in Cornwall

Featuring over 50 miles of fine, golden sand, St. Ives has always been regarded as one of the cleanest beaches in Europe. This is perfect for body boarding as well as paddle boarding standing up. You can also enrol your kids in one of the many water sports schools in this iconic beach. Theres also plenty of gift shops and eateries that feature fresh local produce in the town near the beach. You and your kids will simply never run out of things to do.

These are just 5 of UKs best family-friendly beaches. Take that vacation now and give your family the fun and enjoyment they deserve.