How To Keep Accurate Pet Health Records

To ensure that your pet enjoys many years of good health, it is best to set-up bi-annual check-ups with your veterinarian. These health exams will lessen the possibility of your pet suffering from chronic conditions or irrecoverable illnesses. If your veterinarian diagnoses your pet’s problems early, the treatment they can prescribe will allow your pet to become healthy once again.

For both your benefit as well as the benefit of the veterinarian, a health record template for your pet will allow you to keep records for you both to refer to. It is likely it could have recently happened to you that you were unable to recall the answers to questions that may have been asked by your veterinarian regarding your pet’s medical history. It would therefore behove you to be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to keeping and maintaining a template of your pet’s health history records.

Information regarding your pet’s previous medical visits as well as the symptoms they presented and the medication prescribed may be kept on this template. This template of your pet’s health record will enable you to always answer the questions posed to you by your veterinarian and will ensure that you are fully aware of all your pet’s health requirements. By being fully involved and well informed regarding the healthcare details of your pet, you will be able to knowledgeably respond to any question posed to you about your pet’s health history instead of merely receiving a bill and simply paying it.

As soon as you have returned home from visiting your veterinarian, make sure that you update the template for your Pet Health Record. Also ensure that you do not throw away the information sheet given to you by the veterinarian as it will list all the tests, as well as the type of injections your pet was given and any medication prescribed as well. By using your Excel Template, it will take only a couple of minutes to enter all these details regarding your latest visit to the vet.

Pet health information for common pet health problems is often gleaned from the internet by pet owners. Veterinarians however opined that although they felt that a large percentage of their clients searched the internet to obtain information regarding pet health, that a much lower number of them discussed the information they found online. In fact, the majority of veterinarians said that approximately only half the clients that consult them actually discuss with them the information they found on the internet.

The veterinarians also discovered that besides the fact that many clients frequently access the internet, that the information found online was ranked only 4th in reliability. Almost all clients reported that they found their veterinarian to be the most reliable and trusted source for information regarding their pet’s health. Considerably lower levels of trust were placed in information obtained from the internet as well as family, friends and other pet owners experiencing similar problems.