Dangerous Leisure Activities

While some people will resort to knitting or playing video games during their leisure time others will indulge themselves in death defying activities. These activities are deadly but for the sake of adrenaline rush, people still do them. You may call them idiots or attention seekers but they will still indulge in them.

Thrill seeker. Adrenaline junkie. Idiot. There are many names that can be given to people who have deadly hobbies. These people can’t be content with normal hobbies, like hockey or crocheting. They have to push themselves to the limits of what their bodies can withstand. And they could potentially kill themselves while doing it. A single misstep with equipment or your own control, and you could go splat real fast. These hobbies are the world’s deadliest, ranked according to how statistically deadly they are.


Rock climbing

There is a saying that a mountain is there to be climbed. Mountains are high and dangerous though, so why can’t we just climb a tree? Again, there are lots of pieces of the puzzle to make this safe: ropes, metal clasps, oxygen tanks. Who cares though, when you can die of severe weather, lack of food, or just plain dumb luck in an avalanche? Better yet, let’s have one of the ropes give out, and you fall to your death at the bottom of a chasm filled with sharp rocks – that sounds like a blast and a half.

Risk: The chances of dying from rock climbing is about 1 in 1750. However, if we just counted mountain climbing in Nepal, then this would be the number 1 deadliest hobby on Earth, with a death rate of 1 in 167!

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There are those who volunteer during their leisure time to help the poor or even nurse the sick. There is another group that volunteers in a million dollar industry for free. They are unpaid yet they risk their lives.

In a sport where safety is paramount, if it wasn’t for them the Formula One circus would come to an abrupt halt.

“I don’t like the word heroes,” Pete Berry, the man in charge of the marshals who will line the track at this weekend’s British Grand Prix, told CNN.

“But when marshals give of their time freely to make motorsport successful, to make sure it’s safe for the drivers, the last thing on your mind is that you may be seriously injured — or you may not go home.”

The role of these volunteer men and women has been put sharply into the focus by the recent death of marshal Mark Robinson, who was killed after falling under a crane in the immediate aftermath of the last race in Canada.

Marshaling is a dangerous hobby and feelings among its global community are still raw after the tragedy in Montreal.

While Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton is F1’s highest earner, reputedly commanding an annual salary of $31m with Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso taking home $26m, the marshals are unpaid for the work that they do.

Sourced from: http://edition.cnn.com/2013/06/27/sport/motorsport/marshals-silverstone-british-grand-prix/

There are crazy weird things that insurance companies will cover. We know of celebrities who have insured their hands, behinds and all other crazy things celebrities do but they are not as crazy as some hobbies. Insurance companies will not cover adrenaline junkie activities.

Mountain climbing

Though many forms of recreational climbing, hiking or wall climbing may not have any impact on your life insurance, those who get into extreme forms of mountain or rock climbing may find it difficult to obtain their life insurance company’s approval. An insurance company’s concern increases when the applicant climbs alone, freestyle (without safety harnesses) or climbs to extreme elevations. Most people who participate in the more extreme forms of mountaineering are likely to find that they’re not insurable for these activities.

Sky diving and B.A.S.E jumping

If you’re nervous about the idea of jumping out of a plane, you can rest assured that your life insurance company is as well. Though most people who parachute do so without incident, this category of activity falls into one of the more statistically dangerous hobbies you could take up. The risk increases if you take part in B.A.S.E. jumping (buildings, antennas, spans and earth). If you choose to participate in B.A.S.E. jumping, you’ll sadly find that this activity will not be covered. As for sky diving, you may be able to work out some form of coverage if you are extremely experienced, hold a license and log a high number of jumps each year. Also, if you are an inexperienced jumper, your insurance company would also prefer you go through a qualified jump school that’s closely monitored. Bungee jumping also falls within this category of dangerous activities.

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