How To Keep Up With Pet Hair All Over Your House

If you own a pet then you are fully aware of how hard it can be to keep up with their hair that seems to go absolutely everywhere. It can get super frustrating because you can vacuum the entire house only to see a few minutes later that there are already a few new tumbleweeds of hair floating around. For me, the worst is when you go out and realize while already in public that you are covered in cat hair. We have spent weeks scouring the internet to learn all the ways that other people are dealing with pet hair and what they are doing to manage it.

Most people who own pets try to keep their furry pals shedding under control by frequent brushing and vacuuming. A lot of other people said that they used a lot of tape rollers to remove pet hair from all sorts of places. Of all the methods that people stated, vacuuming was the best method for getting hair off things like the furniture and chairs and beds.

When it comes to dealing with floors, pet hair is very easily removed when there is no carpet. Having a carpet on the floor makes the job of cleaning up pet hair very difficult. When there is no carpet on the floor, the pet hair is easily vacuumed up with no effort due to the fact that fur does not stick and hold onto a smooth hard surface, there might be a little static however thats it and it comes off quite easily.

There still is one problem though. As easy as it is to remove pet hair off smooth hard floor surfaces, it is still very time-consuming and strenuous to pull out the vacuum every day, some days even more than once. Vacuums are very heavy, especially the types of vacuums that are rated to be made specifically for pet hair. There is a great solution to this problem. A flat microfiber dust mop. These mops are incredible because they have different kinds of pads and one of the pads is specially designed for hair and dust. Pet hair sticks to it like a magnet, it glides over your floor effortlessly.

So, instead of using a heavy vacuum to clean up the pet hair in your home, rather use a microfiber mop. Its silent, very light, and gets the job done effortlessly in about a quarter of the time it would usually take you.