Stop Worrying and Start Being Happy

Man has always been in pursuit of the ultimate expression of happiness. There are those who strive to amass wealth in the hope of ‘buying’ happiness. There are also those who would build large homes in multiple locations and collect cars of every conceivable type and brand. Unfortunately, when they move on to the next life, they would not really be able to bring all these lavish things. As such, they worry that all of their life’s work will go for naught. What they fail to recognize and understand is that the key to being happy is to stop worrying. Here’s how.

• Start doing what you really love most

Being happy is being attuned with yourself. This means you really have to dig deep inside you to learn what you really love to do. This is the not-so-secret secret of happy people. They are happy precisely because they are able to enjoy the things that they love to do.

• Strive to help others

You don’t need to be wealthy to help others. Even the kind act of opening doors to someone who has plenty of shopping bags in her hands can already be considered as a simple gesture of kindness. Accompanying an elderly woman or even a group of school children cross the street can make you feel good about yourself.

• Be thankful even for the small things in life

This is one of the things that are quite difficult for some people. What they see are only the big and significant things. They may see how beautiful a particular golf course is, yet they cannot appreciate the leaves of grass or even the fine grain of sand that is part of the golf course. The point is that big things always start with little ones. If you lose sight of the small things, then the bigger ones will look empty. In life, we don’t take things for granted. Because if we do, we’ll sorely miss that thing once it is already out of our grasp.

• Share

Almost the same as helping others, there really is nothing better than sharing. It doesn’t have to be material things. You can share your talents, your abilities, your thoughts, and even your time. Sharing naturally fosters positive regard for you by others and this can make you feel good about yourself, too.

• Smile more often

When was the last time you gave a warm smile to your garbage collector or even the person across the street or just about anyone else? Smiling relieves tension and promotes an air of warmth and friendliness that no money can ever buy. It’s the genuine smile that can melt even the most stone-cold of hearts.

Lead a happier life today. Stop worrying and smile more often.