A Few Notes On Guitar As A Hobby

You will want to look around the web at reviews of many of the top services that are offered to find the best guitar lessons for your way of learning. Try visiting Guitar Brief for a really good review of each and a side-by-side comparison.

Think of it this way - if they can do it, then why can't you? After all, an expert in anything was once a beginner like you, right?

So, to begin with, here's a rough idea about notes and chords.

To make this short lesson more relatable, think of music as language. Music and language are similar in such a way that one can convey thoughts and express emotions through them.

Craft Ideas for Every Season

Redecorating your home should not cost you thousands of dollars when you already have a billion ideas in your head. You can actually craft something up and have a beautiful looking home.

Butterfly Cloches

Capture a Victorian cabinet-of-curiosities vibe—minus all the hunting and gathering—with faux butterflies. To create the vignette shown here, we applied a technique featured in the book Design*Sponge at Home to a graceful glass dome ($125; jaysonhomeandgarden.com). Using a serrated knife, cut a one-inch thick circle piece of Styrofoam into a five-inch circle. Next, cut a nine-inch circle from black velvet. Pull the fabric over the Styrofoam until taut and affix underneath with straight pins.