The Ultimate Guide To Seoul As Told By K-dramas

Even as a city, Seoul has a lot of interesting places to visit. Thanks to the influence of Korean dramas, Seoul (and the whole of South Korea for that matter) has become more exciting to visit. The Korean Drama or “K-drama” fanbase have also made their visit to Seoul the best opportunity to drop by the famous places they saw in shows.

If you’ve watched a K-drama or two, you can surely relate to the popularity of these places. Here is a list of some of the most famous K-drama places that will inspire you to visit unconventional Seoul tourist sites.

Coffee Prince House

Located at¬†97-5 Buam-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, the Coffee Prince House is a crowd favorite among the other cafes in Seoul. Simply because it’s the place that replicated some of the Coffee Prince’s real cafe location, it also has an amazing facade full of brick, stone, and wood. Outside it feels like you stepped into a woody forest, but when you go inside, the cafe is spacious and bright. The roof deck also offers a great view of Seoul.


If you want something more outgoing and adventurous, visit Everland, South Korea’s amusement park. Although the place is similar to Disneyland, they have thrilling rides of their own, too. This is also where the K-drama Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo shot some of its scenes. Everland is also a good place to take kids because of the educational rides the park offers.

Namsan Tower

One of the most popular tourist sites for couples is the Namsan Tower. This place has a rooftop where padlocks are left as a symbol of a couple’s undying love. It also shows the commitment each one has for each other.¬†Thanks to My Love From the Star and Boys Over Flowers, the Namsan Tower has become a must-see for couples all around the world.

Petite France

Another place where My Love From the Star was shot is Petite France. In this youth and training facility, Korea channels its own take on the cities of France. You’ll see small apartments side-by-side painted with different pastel colors. There are also bricked stairs and cozy coffee shops that you could rest at. If you haven’t had enough of the place, you can book a few days off at one of the French-inspired hostels.

Han River

If you’ve watched City Hunter and The Master’s Sun, you’ve probably caught a glimpse of the Han River. The Han River is a long stretch of small shops and picture-perfect sites that will make you want to spend a great sunny day here. There are bikes that you can rent which can help you see the length of the Han River.

Whether or not you’re a K-drama fan, there are a lot of places to see in Seoul. There are cultural places and museums you can visit showcasing the history of South Korea. Or if you want to have a more relaxing visit to the country, you can simply walk around the streets of Seoul.

There are also a lot of restaurants offering chicken, beer, and grilled beef and pork. Contrary to popular belief, most Koreans do not eat dog. In fact, dogs are much loved pets in Korea like they are in other parts of the world. It is even possible to take your dog with you on vacation to this stunning country if your pet has its own passport.

The accommodation options are plentiful in South Korea – especially in Seoul where there are loads go high-class hotels – and Koreans are well known for the warm welcome they give to tourists to their country.