The Ultimate Guide To Seoul As Told By K-dramas

There are also a lot of restaurants offering chicken, beer, and grilled beef and Contrary to popular belief, most Koreans do not eat dog. In fact, dogs are much loved pets in Korea like they are in other parts of the world. It is even possible to take your dog with you on vacation to this stunning country if your pet has its own passport.

The accommodation options are plentiful in South Korea - especially in Seoul where there are loads go high-class hotels - and Koreans are well known for the warm welcome they give to tourists to their country.

Must-see Exciting Theme Parks In Europe For Families

There is simply nothing like Your kids will have so much fun at the theaters, thrilling rides, 3D rides, games, open-air activities, and even live shows. If family travel and experiences are important to you, make a beeline for this French tourist attraction.

Europa-Park Rust, Germany

Europa-Park is the second most popular theme park in Europe and the biggest in Germany. As the name suggests, this park is a miniature of the whole continent. This is a huge park that can accommodate up to 50,000 visitors daily. The best part is, if you love roller coasters, there are a total of 12 in this park.

Gardaland Italy

This amusement park in Northeastern Italy opened in 1975. It has been ranked number 5 in the top 10 amusement parks in the world and receives about almost 3 million people yearly.

Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen, Denmark

Tivoli is the second oldest theme park in the whole world, with only Dyrehavsbakken in close by Klampenborg being older. Because of this, it is the second most popular amusement park in the world.

Efteling The Netherlands

Kids will love this fairytale theme park that offers a lot of exciting and magical attractions, which is why it is perfect for the whole family. This amusement park is open the whole year round and celebrates the natural surroundings.

Imagine how it is like to be in an enchanting world of trolls and fairies, but also enjoy the exciting park shows and high-speed adventures. At the end of your visit, make sure to watch and enjoy the biggest water show in all of Europe.

Legoland Billund, Denmark

There is nothing more magical than visiting a theme park full of life-sized Lego attractions. While there are various Legoland parks all over the world, this one is special because it is located at the home of Lego.

One of the highlights of this theme park is the Haunted House, where vampires, monsters, and ghosts roam and wait to scare you. Your kids will love the enchanted mirror maze and watch the Crazy Scientist and his mad experiments.

Moreover, you should definitely check out the Polar Land and take the Polar X-plorer rollercoaster, where it ends in a surprising 5-meter drop! In Penguin Bay, your kids will love the real live penguins.

PortAventura Salou, Spain

Located on the Costa Dorada, the whole park consists of 4 hotels and the Costa Caribe Aquatic Park, making it the biggest resort in South Europe. There are 5 theme areas that were based on old civilizations and one based on Sesame Street. This theme park is perfect for families who want to combine adventure with the beach.

For families traveling to Europe with kids, visiting these exciting amusement parks is a sure way to have lots of fun as a family. These adrenalin-filled adventures will surely be in their memories for the rest of their lives!

Low Cost Travel Tips: From The Best Portable Phone Charger To Affordable Destinations

There are a number of things that can help equip you to get the best deals and to enjoy the best trip without overspending. Make sure to have the following with you to enjoy the experience but keep your money in your wallet. A universal portable charger This is an absolute vital travel gadget. Get the best portable charger you can find. Make sure it is a universal portable phone charger. That way, it will recharge any phone you have and your traveling companions device, too. In fact, if you make a new friend while youre away, offering some extra juice to a dying phone battery is one of the best gifts you can give. Tough, ultra-light luggage If you plan to travel at least once per year, invest in your luggage. Look for something that will take a beating but protect whats inside. That said, make sure it is as light as possible. Yes, these suitcases will often cost more, but heres where they save you money: your stuff doesnt get damaged, and youll be less likely to have to pay those unbelievable fees for too much weight in your bag when you load it with souvenirs. A tech gadget and accessories case Just as important as a great suitcase is a fantastic water-resistant case for your tech accessories. Get a slim, lightweight and durable case that will hold the SD cards from your camera (and all your amazing pictures), cables, your universal portable charger, and all the other little travel gadget accessories you need with you. Make sure to look for water resistance. It doesnt need to protect your stuff from a swimming pool, but it should resist a rain shower or a knocked-over coffee cup!

These budget travel tips should get you off on the right foot. Happy travels!

Kilimanjaro Safaris & Treks – Most Remarkable Experience In Lifetime

This place is Second phase would offer a moorland experience where the sky is clear and thus sunshine would be very intensive to suffer. Visit for a good tour package which includes a safari as well as a trek.

Kilimanjaro Routes

Climbers would notice a bizarre dessert with loose sand and changing temperatures when they are 4000m beyond their path to Kilimanjaro. People can barely witness any life in this place except for a few species of eternal flowers, lichens and mosses. After crossing the 5000m mark, the land will include rocks and ice fields which make the path to summit steeper. All the routes to Kilimanjaro provide good accommodation facilities for climbers.

The Spanish Lifestyle And How To Embrace It

Some aspects take a bit of getting used to, or maybe just an understanding of how things work before you can fully settle in Spain as a foreign national. To find out more, check out Costa Blanca bargain properties, as this site has some great articles on how to settle into your new home.

You may have chosen Spain as your new home because you liked the idea of the laid back pace of life. But this in itself will take a bit of adjustment. Everything seems to happen later in Spain. The work day usually starts around 10am. Then there is the long lunch and siesta period between 2pm and 4pm. Most people wont leave the office before 8pm, and then wouldnt even consider dinner before 10pm. Very often people will be out enjoying dinner or drinks until midnight, even on a work night. On weekends, the nightlife is legendary, and people would often be out at bars and clubs until the early hours of the next morning.

The concept of siesta, a designated resting time after lunch, comes about because of the high temperatures. It is a way to escape the heat of the day and deal with the lethargy that comes with it. This split in the work day is often a challenge to adjust to, especially if you are used to using your lunch break to run errands or do shopping. Apart from cafes and restaurants, you wont find anything open during siesta.

There generally seems to be no hurry in Spain. Bus timetables may be unreliable, but nobody seems to worry about being a few minutes late and work hours seem to be unofficially flexible.

Spanish food is a wonderful voyage of discovery. It has influences from Roman, Jewish, and Andalusian traditions. It also incorporates a lot of potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, and beans, borrowed from South American cooking styles. Spain produces 44% of the worlds olives. So there is no surprise that olive oil features strongly in their cooking. Dishes are usually prepared by hand with fresh ingredients, often from a local market. Bread is served with meals (and not as an appetiser with butter as you may be used to). Wine is served with most meals.

Tapas is traditionally a small snack that is served with drinks at a bar, often for free. It has become a signature of Spanish cuisine. It isnt usually ordered as a meal in itself except by tourists. Dessert is usually a piece of fruit or a dairy product.

Spanish families are very close, often choosing to live near to each other and still having big family meals regularly. This type of inclusion often extends to other people, so you may be treated like a family member by newfound friends and neighbours. Locals love to hang around in big groups, enjoying food and drinks in bars or cafes, or walking around the streets, enjoying the weather. Flamenco music and dancing is big in most towns, though locals are more likely to be found at a football match than a flamenco performance.

Learn a few Spanish phrases early, it will be appreciated by the locals and you will find it easier to fit in. Look out for local holidays and festivals. Many towns have their own special events and days off to honour particular patron saints as Roman Catholicism is the main religious tradition in the country. These are wonderful times to get involved and experience Spanish traditions. It wont take long before you have settled into your new routine.

Best Beaches In Tias, Lanzarote

A great source of information in the area is the Lanzarote tourist board website which is packed with advice for places to stay and eat, and things to see and do in the area.

Our third beach is a little cove called Fariones (likewise in the Puerto Del Carmen area besides a hotel of the very same name), measuring 60m by 5m and including great golden sand and calm waters.

Our fourth beach at Playa de Los Pocillos, is located at the more special end of Puerto Del Carmen. The beach has great golden sand and forms part of the development of the very same name. It is more than a kilometre long (1,23m). High tide leaves swimming pools of sea water on its flat surface area. It is quieter than the main beaches, but there is a still a good range of quality bars and dining establishments on hand. When the wind picks up this beach is popular with windsurfers.

Our fifth beach at Playa de Matagorda, part of the development by the same name has a beach consisting of great golden sand and calm waters. When the wind blows, is a popular resort for windsurfing and is safe for learning for beginners and improvers. Due to its distance to the airport and the occasional sound from aircraft, it is not as crowded as the other beaches in this part of the island. So it is well worth a vist. This beach has rentals for beds/parasols and a range of water sports on hand. You can get to it by guaguas (autobus).

Our 6th beach is at Lima and measures 900m long, including fine brown sand (mix of fine golden sand and small picon, the little lava stones), this is a windy beach with calm waters, once again ideal for first time windsurfers. This is located together with the Matagorda reort and can be reached by guaguas (autobus).

Lastly, our seventh beach is a little cove at Peña Grande. It is only 40m long, consisting of fine white sand (and the odd pebble). Despite its little size, it is nevertheless a windy beach with calm waters and offers full services including lifeguards, showers, emergency treatment, bars/restaurants, showers, parking and telephones. It likewise has a little boardwalk and can be reached by guaguas (autobus).

A holiday in Lanzarote is a peasurable experience. But why stick with the crowds on the main beaches? Get out andexplore the island and discover nearby beaches which a well worth a day or half a day to relax and enjoy the surroundings and the activities.

Top 10 Places To Eat In Wales With Stunning Views Of The Sea

As such, it is best to view Feast on seafood and the famous Gower Salt Marsh Lamb. They have great rooms with sea views here, but those staying longer away opt for one of the Welsh cottages by the sea nearby.

Ty Coch Inn - Located in Porthdinllaen, Ty Coch Inn takes beach dining literally. From pies to pasties to panizzas and paninis, you can enjoy these and other delicacies right on the sand or in the rseatuarnt overlooking the sea. No wonder its included in the top beach bars of the globe.

The Coast - If having a Michelin-starred chef at the helm of the kitchen creating magical meals doesnt appeal to you, then a superb view of the sandy shorelines of Coppet Hall Beach in Saundersfoot should interest you. Try The Coasts veggie risotto and sticky ginger pudding.

South Beach Bar and Grill - Located on the picturesque coast of Tenbys South Beach is South Beach Bar & Grill. Dine while marvelling at the yachts and sailboats that dock. Sample a homemade risotto and a rack of lamb before finishing it with a walnut brownie.

Dylans - Want to eat right at the edge of Angleseys clear waters? Then head to Dylans on Menai Bridge and feast on their signature red dragon pizza. If this doesnt tempt you, how about the Menai mussels?

Harbourmaster - If youre dying to taste exclusively local produce in a meal, then head to Harbourmaster in Aberaeron. Aside from homemade gnocchi, they also have chicken supreme and lamb rump which you simply must have while enjoying picturesque seascape.

Dylan Thomas Boathouse - For lovers of literature, a visit to the Dylan Thomas Boathouse in Laugharne is a must. This is the coastal home of one of Wales famous poets and writers, Dylan Thomas. Sample their bara brith and Welsh cakes although their lunch and soups are simply fabulous.

Grape and Olive - Overlooking Swansea Bay at the Meridian Tower, the tallest building in Wales, is Grape and Olive. Their seafood platter is a must although you can take a bite or two at their bulky burger menu. Theyve got veggie selections, too.

Signor Valentino - For a really memorable dining experience while taking on the sea views of Cardiff Bay, dine at Signor Valentino. Its a piece of Italy with a Welsh twist.

Restaurant James Sommerin - With a panoramic view of Penarths Severn Estuary, the Restaurant James Sommerin provides a picture-perfect fine dining experience as you try their langoustine, Welsh lamb, and middle white pork.

The Welsh coast is not only famous for its beaches. Its also home to some of the tastiest seaside cuisine in the UK, if not the world. The perfect holiday getaway for food lovers.

Best Seaview Destinations For Winter

You can watch the ferries come in at sunset at McCaigs Tower, which is a strange 19th-century copy of the colosseum. There are many coastal holiday towns and cottages with sea views so you can stay and enjoy this stunning part of Scotland.

3. Portmeirion, Gwynedd

You will definitely feel like you are in the Mediterranean in this village that was designed in the 1920s after Portofino in Italy. Sir Clough Williams-Ellis designed it well, with a piazza, colonnades, cobblestones, a domed Pantheon and much more. Rent one of the pretty cottages and enjoy walks along the beach or discover hidden coves in Tremadog Bay.

4. Boscastle, Cornwall

There is more than just the unique Witchcraft Museum to visit in this small village. The cliffs and the dramatic waves are breathtaking. Moreover, it is the perfect base for those who love to take winter walks. Paths going west to Bossiney Cove or to Tintagel or to the east towards Bude will reward you with views of the most beautiful cliffs along the Cornish coast.

5. Southport, Merseyside

Home to the oldest and second-longest pier in Great Britain, it springs to life on Christmas, with wonderful lights decorating the cast-iron canopies and arcades in Lord Street. A spectacular place to visit is the Ainsdale Sand Dunes national park, the largest in the country. Expect to see yellow sand that just seems to go on for miles.

So if you are looking for a winter getaway, or if you cannot wait another half year before being close to the beach, book a room or rent a cottage in one of these seaside villages now! Not only can you still enjoy the sounds and smells of the sea, you can also expect much fewer crowds in this time of the year.