The World’s Coolest Hotels With An Undersea View

It is one thing to wake up to the gentle pounding of the waves on the shore especially when punctuated with the glimmer of early morning sunlight. It is a totally different experience to wake up to an ocean blue where the first things that greet your eyes are marine creatures of all kinds. Get ready to be mesmerized as we take you to 4 of the planets coolest and hippest hotels with an undersea view.

Jules’ Undersea Lodge
Located in Key Largo in the Florida Keys

Jules’ Undersea Lodge was actually the La Chalupa Research Laboratory which was built in the 1970s to allow scientists to study the regions continental shelf. Today it is one of the kitschiest attractions in this part of the US. To get to its 2-bedroom 600-square foot suite located some 30 feet below the surface of the blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico, youd have to get into your wetsuit and scuba-dive your way to the lodges wet-room hatch. And if you havent seen a barracuda your entire life nows your chance to get up close to these mighty beasts of the ocean.

Utter Inn

It may not be that deep, but the Utter Inn in Vasteras, Sweden sure can give you a magnificent view of Scandinavian pike and perch staring at you at the opposite side of a glass bubble you have for a hotel window. The Utter Inn is more like a fishbowl, albeit reversed with you being the fish and aquatic creatures being the spectators. At only 80-square feet, dont expect too much although youre pretty much welcome to do anything you please. There are 2 twin beds, a camping stove, a bathroom, a table, and a fantastic view of the Swedish seascape.

Cornwall Maritime Museum

This may not be a hotel but it is one of the only places in Cornwall where you can view fish under the sea. For a vacation destination almost surrounded by sea you’d think they’d be a hotel offering an undersea viewing platform, but alas no. Instead people staying at nearby accommodation, hotels and B&Bs will need to visit this excellent museum instead. This is a great tourist attraction for all the family including canine members as the museum is a dog friendly attraction. More information on dog friendly adventures in Cornwall can be seen in this guide.

Hiltons Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Resort

This is actually not a hotel but rather a world-renowned undersea restaurant, the Ithaa. However, it is not uncommon that Hilton management will convert it into a luxurious private suite just for two. Its an all-glass accommodation that gives you full view of the wonderful marine life of Maldivean waters. Technically, youd really have to watch out for the gigantic whale sharks as they are one of the most prized spectacles in this amazing undersea abode.

The Manta Resort

While not exactly a 5-star undersea hotel, the Manta Resort off the coast of Pemba Island in the autonomous Tanzanian region of Zanzibar, nevertheless gives you a very rare opportunity to be greeted by the coelacanth that is if you can still find these endangered species. The thing is that these scary-looking aquatic creatures have never been seen since 2007. Before 2007, the only time a coelacanth was ever spotted was in 1938. But youd still be treated to a huge array of East African marine life in this 3-story underwater private island.

These undersea hotels may pale in comparison to the amenities and luxuries of their land-based counterparts. But they sure can provide a totally different experience that will change your life forever.