Kilimanjaro Safaris & Treks – Most Remarkable Experience In Lifetime

Mount Kilimanjaro, one of the highest standing mountains in the world is passing its spirituality to next generations. An immediate glance to the slowly covered peak of Kilimanjaro from the foot of riotous Tanzania green hills can bring relief to restless minds. When the clouds begin to clear the sky and the bright sun is out of the scene, the blurred view of Kilimanjaro rapped in thick white blankets would offer a distinctive experience to all. All these make Kilimanjaro treks so special.

Experience the kilimanjaro trekking

Lose yourselves in the spectacular views of Kilimanjaro! If you are ready to bring your unique imaginations to life, you will eventually experience similar feelings of happiness. One of the key factors of Kilimanjaro trekking is that, this giant mountain is highly accessible to mounters who don’t have any mountain climbing equipments and don’t have any real life trekking experience. These factors or reasons attract more number of trekkers towards Kilimanjaro. Last accounts reveal that the number of trekkers to Kilimanjaro was scaled up to over a thousand.

The Most demanded Destination – Kilimanjaro

Increase in the number of trekkers has put pressure on the National Park and thus, advance booking has become mandatory. Now no climber will get passes issued at the last minute of trekking near the park gate. Rather than an easy trek route to the peak, Kilimanjaro trekking is something like a challenging climb to the pinnacle. It imposes a real time test for your stamina levels and physical fitness. The high fluctuating temperatures and giant altitudes can break climbers down unless they are physically fit and strong.

kilimanjaro Tour Operators

Tour operators will recommend climbers to consult doctors and undergo an overall fitness check up before they start climbing Kilimanjaro. People who take up mounting Kilimanjaro will pass through 4 distinctive phases. First phase starts as the climber meets dense vegetation of tropical forest that expands across 1850m to 2800m. This place is highly moist and suitable for riotous growth of endemic trees and shrubs. Second phase would offer a moorland experience where the sky is clear and thus sunshine would be very intensive to suffer. Visit for a good tour package which includes a safari as well as a trek.

Kilimanjaro Routes

Climbers would notice a bizarre dessert with loose sand and changing temperatures when they are 4000m beyond their path to Kilimanjaro. People can barely witness any life in this place except for a few species of eternal flowers, lichens and mosses. After crossing the 5000m mark, the land will include rocks and ice fields which make the path to summit steeper. All the routes to Kilimanjaro provide good accommodation facilities for climbers.