A Look At The Many Features Of The Beautiful Costa Blanca

If ever you are thinking of spending a holiday in Spain, you should make Costa Blanca your first stop. The Costa Blanca is also referred to as the White Coast due to its abundance of white sands and clear blue skies, finished off with a clear view of the blue Mediterranean Sea. Before heading off to the beach, make sure your sunscreen is in your bag so that you can have a great day sunbathing without getting sunburnt.

Once you have made up your mind to explore the Costa Blanca, you could either opt to go with your own car, rent one, take a bus or go to the train station. Whatever means of transportation you choose is not that important because all options offer the chance of enjoying the fabulous scenery and many attractions.

And if you are worried that you dont have a car or a means of transporting yourself to the top attractions, you can make do with any of the numerous water parks in the area11º. There is certainly something for everyone during a Costa Blanca Holiday. You just have to explore! For more information, see  www.costablancamagic.com.

Talking of public transport, just so you know, buses and trains in Spain are quite affordable. The only thing is that the trains tend to stop at all stations, so it might take longer to get you to your destination compared to driving.

If you have some time to spare, why not take a walk up to the mountains? There are many spectacular views from the mountain valley or along the Mediterranean. You just might be in luck and have the sun come up reflecting off the water. I find it quite surreal when nature surrounds you in ths part of the world with the wind whispering in your ear with its gentle breeze.

There are a number of Moorish villages along the coast, located high up the hill where modernization has not extended its touch. You get to see nature at its best unadulterated. There are also fortifications like the ancient Roman ones just outside the town of Javea. Fairytale medieval castles with high towers can also be visited to make your holiday extra memorable.

The Costa Blanca is one of Spains most fertile area with citrus trees as a backdrop for many of the beaches, and one of the areas most exported products. These trees were originally introduced to the area by the Moors. Depending on what time of the year it is, colours from the various plants as they blossom seem to liven up the region.

Wondering where to start? You should probably start from the Costa Blancas capital Alicante. Tourists are also advised to explore Benidorm, which is a tourist playground with bars, promenades, and restaurants in a serene environment.